Aircrack-ng with compat wireless

I recently bought an Asus 1001p. I got home and immediately installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it. Unfortunately my wireless chipset was not supported in the current kernel so I had to use the bleeding edge compat-wireless drivers. After successfully installing the drivers I ran into a problem using airodump-ng and aireplay-ng. It kept saying my interface was stuck in a perhaps hypothetical -1 channel and i kept receiving the error "fixed channel mon0: -1". After a bit of research I have a fix for Ubuntu (should work on other distros aswell) so i though i should share it.

NOTE: Make sure you have build-essential.

First I had to edit a few lines of an existing patch for a similar problem. Here is a link to my version of the patch but the contents are below anyway:

--- chan.c.orig
+++ chan.c
@@ -49,9 +49,12 @@ int cfg80211_set_freq(struct cfg80211_registered_device *rdev,
struct ieee80211_channel *chan;
int result;
+ struct wireless_dev *mon_dev = NULL;

- if (wdev && wdev->iftype == NL80211_IFTYPE_MONITOR)
+ if (wdev && wdev->iftype == NL80211_IFTYPE_MONITOR) {
+ mon_dev = wdev;
wdev = NULL;
+ }

if (wdev) {
@@ -76,5 +79,8 @@ int cfg80211_set_freq(struct cfg80211_registered_device *rdev,
if (wdev)
wdev->channel = chan;

+ if (mon_dev)
+ mon_dev->channel = chan;
return 0;

Save it and copy it into the same directory as the compat wireless chan.c file. Mine was in ~/compat*/net/wireless but you can do a search with something like the below to find it.
sudo find / -name chan.c -print
Now open a terminal and navigate to the directory where chan.c and the patch are located. Run (I had to use sudo because the owner was root as i had already edited the file as root):
sudo patch -p0 -i < watevaucalledthepatch.patch
Now if you had to run the above command with root privileges (like me) then run the below to restore the file permissions. Replace userhere in the first line below with your user name:
sudo chown userhere:userhere chan.c
sudo chmod 777 chan.c
It should now be patched successfully with the right permissions. All you need to do now is recompile and unload the old drivers. Navigate into the base directory of compat wireless (mine was ~/compat*). I ran the below to select the ath9k drivers but you may have to do different depending on your chipset:
./scripts/driver-select ath9k
Now run the below to build:
sudo make install
And unload the old drivers:
sudo make unload
sudo make wlunload
You may or may not have to run the below, it won't hurt if you do.
sudo make btunload
Now reboot or alternatively run the below replacing driverhere with your driver:
sudo modprobe driverhere
Everything should be in working order and the problem fixed. I can now crack WEP in minutes and catch a handshake in a matter of seconds. Hope this helped anyone suffering with the same problem.

The Reason Why Twitter is Currently Experiencing Problems

A recent bug in twitter was found which literally forces any account to follow you. The flaw appears when a user tweets this format: "accept [Twitter Username]". That user then appears as one of your followers. For example "accept TheBulkTwitExp" will cause the Twitter account "TheBulkTwitExp" to follow you.

Twitter have noticed the error and have been trying to fix it. When users attempted to run the command, (or any other command at the moment) they receive the "internal server error" message. This is the reason why you are seeing people Tweet the same thing multiple times. It also seems that people cannot see any Tweets on other peoples profiles.

Twitter's attempt to squash this bug is to reset the accounts of anyone who tries this exploit to a follower count of zero. Once that's complete the follow/ing/ers counts are being set back to what they should be. Hopefully they will sort it out soon.

Social Networking Exchange Forum

Social Networking Exchange is a forum set up for web masters and blog owners to exchange links, Diggs, Stumbles and all other sorts of Social Networking exchanges. It will help your website to gain popularity and gather more Digg's on your articles. The forum hopes users can interact and exchange links between all different types of social networking media and thus, increase their own and others traffic.


The Big Twitter Experiment

The Twitter Experiment is an experiment to find the ratio of following to followers. If a user were to simply add thousands of users a day, how many would add them back? What is the percentage of people who will add a random back simply because they are following them. See more at:

Why the iPad is Impractical but will still take over the World.

Apple has created a lot of buzz with this product launch. My initial reaction when hearing about the iPad was that it’s just a giant iPod touch. This may or may not be exciting depending on who you are but I didn't think the iPad was for me.

Considering the iPad has no multi-tasking capabilities, or even flash, I am unimpressed. Their is an enormous lack of features for a device that's nearing a Netbook. The applications for this device are already in the Appstore and while theirs some great applications, Apple denies a lot of them that have a real chance of taking off (Google Voice for example). It's like they are forcing us to use what they want us to use on their iPad. I however, want freedom to do what I want, when I want. Another one of Apples marketing tactics was battery life. Apple claims you can watch HD video (720p - not actually True HD) before you need to charge the iPad. Although this sounds good, my Netbook that cost me half as much as the iPad can watch video, Play Games, Torrent and blog all at the same time for 10 hours. Plus my netbook can run multiple operating systems unlike the Ipad.

I hate all this, but somehow I'm still intrigued. The iPad may not change the world, but it definitely has a chance. It has pushed technology in a direction of digital tablets as a medium. The possibilities are endless and the potential for the iPad is enormous. The downfall is that it is constrained by the software developed for it.

After all this, I may just have to go buy one.

If your interested in an iPad, Amazon has the 16Gb, wifi version priced at around $620ish: Apple iPad Tablet (16GB, Wifi). You can also pick up a silicone case for about $4: Premium Black Soft Gel Silicone Skin for Apple iPad.